Upcoming influencers and talent can get the help they need when they need it most with Strategy.


Establish your online identity with professional strategy, content calendars and the backing of an established digital agency.

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what is it

Strategy is about making the best decisions possible. This includes growth strategy, content posting, partnerships and more.

Ideal for; influencers, talent and creatives looking for ongoing advisement in their efforts to grow and monetize their digital presence.

$1,499 Get Started

what we’ll do

Strategy / ongoing direction and advice to maximize opportunities, post highest engagement content and more.
Negotiation / give you feedback on activation opportunities and deal points to drive more revenue.
/ point out areas of concern and industry updates requiring your compliance on social and advertising.
/ up to 1 hour of talk time per month to address engagement, growth, content strategy and best practices on social.
Community / access to our Slack to connect with creatives, ask questions, get insider tips and more.
/ access to our monthly newsletter including cutting edge industry news and tips for influencers.

our deliverables

Content Calendar / a month’s worth of recommended topics to post about, along with dates, times and hashtags to use.
2 Hour
/ up to 2 hours of advisory per month to address any questions or concerns that you have.
/ access to our monthly newsletter including cutting edge industry news and tips for influencers.
/ access to our Slack to connect with creatives, insider tips, events and industry relationships.


What is Strategy?
Strategy is having the highest level of consultation to make the best decisions possible in growth and social monetization.

Will you go into my accounts?
No. We do not post or perform execution work of any kind. Rather, we can advise you on how and what to do.

What type of topics are covered?
We source our knowledge across our entire agency; content, compliance, engagement, algorithms, contracts, negotiation and more.

Can we meet in person?
Sure! We welcome all of our clients and friends to attend our events or organize a time to stop by our office.

Are you attorneys?
No. GHOST is not and will not act on your behalf as an attorney. We can however, advise you on deal points and social compliance.

Is there a contract required?
No. There are no contracts required. You can cancel at anytime. We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724