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Snapchat GeoFilters are the Future of Digital Marketing

Snapchat Filters Aren’t Just For Kids

If you know anyone below the age of 15 then you’ve heard of Snapchat. The popular photography app launched in 2013 and has gone on to amass over 100 million unique users. We’ve been saying for a while that snapchat is the future of digital marketing, but allow us to really dig into one of the most interesting and unique parts of the photography and video app: the GeoFilters. 

What Are They? 

So what are Snapchat GeoFilters? In essence, they are a paid advertisement that is geographically based. For example, if your restaurant signed up for Snapchat GeoFilter service, anyone who uses Snapchat within a certain distance will be able to use the filter at your location. Meaning, that not only will influencers be taking photos in your location, they will potentially be using your snapchat filter to announce to their followers where they are. Since digital marketing is vital to businesses, and 87% of consumers check out a restaurant’s digital real-estate before making a purchase, it seems like a no-brainer. Why not aggregate social media influencers’ and their following in the most organic and natural way possible? 

Who Uses Them?

In January 2016, Fortune Magazine announced that Snapchat Video usage was surpassing 7 billion users. This is an insane amount of people taking in video content on the app, and creating it themselves. If you’re asking yourself who uses geo-snapchat filters the answer is everyone. 

When it comes to successful digital marketing, ethos and brand trust are vital. Why would people follow your brand on social media unless influencers they look up to and trust aren’t talking about it? This is where geo snapchat filters come into play. With snapchat quickly becoming the social media platform to advertise on, businesses are looking for a new way to connect with their audience. Geo snapchat filters do the legwork for you and allow the influencers to come to you. 

What Are Their Uses? 

If you just think GeoFilters are for influencers, think again. Recently, 180LA, an ad agency, used Snapchat to recruit a new social media manager. They specifically targeted places such as the Buzzfeed HQ in order to pull new leads on who to hire, and within a day they had over 40 highly qualified applicants. The point being, Snapchat GeoFilters are so unique because they allow for highly targeting marketing. By back-hacking locations to determine a. Who hangs out there. B. are they your audience? Businesses are able to get the attention they want organically. 

What Does This Mean For My Business? 

We keep bringing up the “geo” part of these “geo-filters” because they’re the most crucial part for any successful marketing campaign. If you’re looking to expand your brand across the coast, why not find out where your concentrated targeted audience hangs out and place a geo-filter ad there? The geo-based ads allow users a fun and inventive way to interact with brands anywhere in the world. 

Through this highly targeting marketing, brands are able to both gain the trust of their audience by aggregating content from others and plant seeds of growth in locations they don’t have feet on the ground. 

Whether you enjoy Snapchat or not, the reality is that it is the next great push in digital marketing. We are going to be seeing a lot more geo filters in the next few months, and as times goes on it will become the number one way we interact with brands on social media. As time goes on, the public’s want for more and more instant interaction on social has become apparent, and Snapchat is working hard to fill that void. Gone are the days of simply blasting out a tweet about a brand, with Snapchat GeoFilters people will be able to interact with brands they love in a much more instant way.