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Instagram is Finally Using Analytics!



Let us begin this blog with the fact that when this article was passed around the Ghost Media office, there was rejoicing. Instagram, the popular picture sharing application which launched in 2010, is finally planning on rolling out tools for businesses and brands. 

Do we have your attention? Good. Because Instagram is planning on rolling out technology that will allow users to see the analytics behind their posts. For the first time, people who use Instagram as a digital marketing tool will be able to see how many people are engaging with a post, how many people viewed that post, and how many of those views turned into an action when it comes to e-commerce posts. Essentially, for the first time since the application launched, businesses will be able to see exactly what they're getting when putting money and high-quality content behind their platform posts. 

While there has always been whispers about when Instagram would finally catch-up with the current digital marketplace, news was confirmed after screenshots of the analytics system were put up on And while the visual look of the app has shifted, and the screenshots still reflect the old look of the app, it is clear that the "Insights" Instagram plans to provide are ground-breaking. 

These "insights" will focus on two major factors in compiling data from Instagram: follower demographics and post analytics. In addition to these, the app will now offer uses information on where they're followers are primarily focused geographically, and will give them breakdowns of those who are engaging in their posts based on gender and interest. Not only will business accounts be able to track which posts are working for them, but who is actually responding to it. 

When talking about social media, it is almost impossible to not discuss how this will effect those who have made their profession "social media influencer." With this new roll-out of Instagram "insights," these social media influencers will have the analytics to see how their personal brand is growing. On our side of things, people who work with social media influencers will finally have concrete analytics to show clients. Instead of digital marketing agencies being able to have a highly educated guess as to how many impressions a social media influencer can garner for a business, they will have concrete insights into how their content and audience can be beneficial for brands. 

In essence, the arrival of Instagram "insights" opens up a new frontier for businesses to reclaim an app that up until now that kept the curtains closed on how their algorithm works and how it can work for your business. The Ghosts are thrilled about these new "Insights," are you?