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New Co-worker Finn

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That fluffy coat, those floppy ears, that quizzical eyes that draws an "omg" from the most hardened skeptic. Yes, puppies are cute.

They are also a piece of work that can require the patience of Gandhi and the stamina of the most selfless parent.

Puppies cries, requires constant supervision, somehow manage to be at 150% energy level even though it's 2am, and sink their tiny teeth into your favorite shoes... however they also offer boundless love, granted unconditionally.  

A new study found that dogs aren’t likely to follow cues from untrustworthy humans! They are not only watching us for instructions and cues – they’re analyzing our reliability. Dogs will quickly come to distrust humans who lie to them and will also hold onto that mistrust for quite some time.

Dogs are adept at reading us, and they’re more socially intelligent than we give them credit for. So next time you think about fake throwing that toy for Finn just remember – he’s judging you for it.

Written and Edited by: Nini Nguyen, Social Media Manager