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November is here. Winter is coming*. Towards the end of the year, the last few months always seem to zip by. Maybe it’s the daylight savings time, maybe it’s the changing of the leaves, or maybe it’s the insane rush that Black Friday shoppers have. I felt like this year went by too fast and now it’s coming to a close. Halloween just passed, Thanksgiving is up next, followed by the ever so popular, Christmas.

The end of the year also calls for “resolutions”. A review of your own life, with the intention of changing things for the better. We all swear by it entering the New Year. But like a gym enthusiast, we all have our cheat meals. So these resolutions beg the question, are they real or just seasonal? Just like seasons for a television series, they all have to end.

*Game of Thrones reference. In case you didn’t know, don’t watch the show, and are living under a rock.

Written and Edited by: Sebastian Garcia, Content Coordinator