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All That Glitters Is Gold

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The power of social influencers only continues to grow and with fashion month at our finger tips, consumers only become more obsessed with keeping up. We see numbers sky rocket for retail when an influencer pushes a product in their fashion forward look but amongst the final week of fashion month consumers sought after something different. 

Menswear inspired plaid jackets, exaggerated sleeves and tiered skirts took the front reigns when looking back at the trends on the runway, but the biggest stand out this season? A smart phone app that look the influencer world by storm. 

Always on the hunt to push unique content, influencers in the fashion world caught wind of a smart phone app that magnetizes any sparkle in the frame. KiraKira+ is a Japanese application that launched in 2015 and now is in the Apple Store’s top five performing apps. Similar to Snapchat, KiraKira+ offers an array of filters for the user when filming. The sparkle filter grabs any bit of glitter and exaggerates its shine.

I first saw it used on Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s Instagram story which she soon turned into an actual post on her page. After hundreds of comments (and I can only imagine how many direct messages), Rosie shared in her story the name of the app she used to create such sparkle. After her post, it appeared that every major fashion influencer or brand had downloaded the app and began using it while attending shows in Paris and Milan. 

From shoes to dresses to eye makeup, influencers continued to post content enhanced with KiraKira+ all the way through the end of fashion month. The more content I witnessed with these crazy sparkles, the more inclined I was to download and experience for myself. A friend took a dip in the frenzy and posted an enhanced video of her coffee cup and sunglasses. She claimed that even every day activities now looked elevated. 

Though fashion brands were still in the forefront of every Instagram story and post, the biggest takeaway from this season wasn't the thousand dollar dresses but a 99 cent app. Curious to test it out on your every day life? Download the app here and check out how celebrities are using it below.

Written and Edited by: Andrea Schmid, Marketing Manager