Influencer Coordination

Are you relevant to your community? Have influencers visit your business to drive more awareness and third party validation.


Stay relevant and cutting edge with a steady stream of influencers who will generate content and keep your business relevant.

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what is it

Ongoing influencer coordination for businesses which includes coverage and content creation by strategic influencers.

Why it matters; third party validation from real people strengthens trust, popularity and drives more sales as a result.


what we’ll do

Research / researching and selecting influencers based upon your target geographic and demographic needs.
Coordination / handling all communications between the influencer and your team on the ground.
Negotiation / negotiating cost and deliverables with each influencer, including the contractual requirements.
/ providing monthly reporting on follower growth, impressions, engagement and more.

our deliverables

Consultation / up to 1 hour of consultation per month to align influencer strategy and selection with objectives.
Influencers / up to 5 influencer placements per month, plus a quarterly campaign event or larger meetup.
Monthly Report / a monthly report of all confirmed influencer activations and reporting of analytics performance.


What is an Influencer?
An influencer is like a publisher of a magazine. People watch and listen to what they have to say, therefore, they have influence.

Who will I be working with?
GHOST will designate a dedicated Influencer Manager who will learn about your business and designate key influencers.

How many influencers do I get?
The number of influencer activations you can expect will vary based upon your budget. Paid activations will result in a higher turnout.

Will you grow my accounts?
While follower growth is likely, our goals will vary based upon your needs. Typically, clicks, conversions and engagement are important.

Who pays the influencers?
Our fee is for coordination and access. You will pay the budget for the influencers, much like you pay for any advertising.

Is there a contract required?
No. There is no contract required. You can cancel at anytime with a 30 day written communication.

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724