Digital Strategy

Are you doing digital marketing correctly? Get a professional audit and opinion with findings.

digital strategy.

Get smart on digital and make the right decisions the first time around. GHOST will provide comprehensive digital knowledge, auditing and strategic planning.

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what is it

Digital strategy is about providing you with the knowledge, oversight and planning that is required to maximize performance and monetize your digital brand capital.

Why it matters; A single dot that is connected could lose you thousands added spend, opportunity costs or worse, end up damaging your brand. From front end to back end, we’ll provide oversight and direction.


what we’ll do

Review / reviewing your digital assets, including social media, website, analytics and overall brand messaging.
/ providing recommendations and best practices to improve the performance across all of your accounts.
/ setting KPIs that are supported by a quarterly strategy that include the latest digital trends.
/ monitoring supported social media channels and Google analytics to ensure performance metrics.

our deliverables

Consultation / up to 2 hours of consultation time per month to discuss reporting and upcoming strategy planning.
/ a quarterly strategy document that includes the latest industry updates to maximize KPIs and conversion goals.
Report / a monthly reporting of digital health and progress across supported platforms.


What is digital strategy?
Strategy is a combination of knowledge, planning and arriving to optimal decisions that are best likely to achieve your goals.

How can I ensure results?
We will review your current performance and establish new KPIs and work together towards achieving those goals or better.

Who will we be working with?
GHOST will assign an Account Manager who will learn your brand and serve as your dedicated personal contact.

Will you grow my followers?
Not directly. Strategy is intended for strategic big thinking, auditing and ensuring that you’re maximizing your digital ROI.

Will you execute the initiatives?
No. Strategy only includes the thinking and recommended decisions. To add forms of execution, please review more services.

Is there a contract required?
Yes. Digital strategy requires a 3 month commitment given that we will be working in 90 day quarterly planning and sprints.

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